Automatic air feeder - Maxi

150.3000 - For surge tank capacity up to lt. 4000

Alimentatore autom. d'aria

Technical features 

  • Maximum working pressure PN: 10 bar at 20 °C
  • Maximum working temperature: 50 °C
  • Type of fluid : water
 Alimentatore autom. d'aria
Typesurge tank lt.ABCD
mini25 ÷ 50021066G 1/2G 1/2
midi500 ÷ 2000286108G 1/2G 3/4
maxi2000 ÷ 4000406108G 1/2G 3/4
super maxi4000 ÷ 6000526108G 1/2G 3/4

Average pressure of the tank (BARS)2,53,54,55,56,57,5
Capacity of the tank in liters40003000300025002000200

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