Automatic Air Feeders

Automatic Air Feeders

When the automatic air feerder is correctly installed it automatically feeds the air cushion that is present in surge tanks, stabilizing the water level at the point where it is connected (which nust be in the middle) in the surge tank thanks to its automation. In this way it is possible to avoid the installation of compressors or other devices, which apart from being more expensive because of their complexity, also need periodic maintenance.
Our products are guaranteed to be non-toxic due to the materials used in their production which are: Polyammide 6 : 6 and brass OT 58 UNI 5705/65; furthermore the efficiency is proven by severe individual testing of all our air feeders.

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Individual working test are made before the sale.


For surge tank capacity up to lt. 500
For surge tank capacity up to lt. 2000
For surge tank capacity up to lt. 4000
For surge tank capacity up to lt. 6000

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